April 6, 2011

Hank addresses the question: Do you believe in hell? Reponses to common rhetoric against hell are offered (0:52)

Comments / Questions

  • Address the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) doctrine that there are those created to destruction (7:55)
  • My husband is contemplating having an affair He thinks even though it is wrong that God will forgive him. How to address the problem? (20:53)
  • I recently watched the Passion of the Christ movie. How authentic is it? Was the amount of torture given to Christ accurate? (25:44)
  • Neighbors converted from Pentecostal to Messianic Judaism. They constantly criticize my wife about observing the Sabbath and prod her with lots of legalistic prescriptions. They call us on Sundays to undermine our habit of attending church (39:05)
  • What is the significance of the different 40-day periods in the Bible? (44:29)
  • If we are eternally secure, why does the devil still tempt us? (48:52)