September 30, 2009

Hank critiques the article “The Fig Tree is in Bloom: What God has done through the modern creation of Israel in 1948 is nothing short of a miracle of Bible prophecy” by Benny Hinn in Charisma magazine. (0:48)


  • Mother passed away. What is she doing in the present? Does she closed her eyes and wake up in paradise? (8:24)
  • Will deceased mom be able to see things here (14:10)
  • Friend passed away at 76. Family member said that he lived 6 years longer than what the Bible promises. Does God promise us 70 years so long as we obey Him? (20:49)
  • Where did Jesus go for the three days between the crucifixion and resurrection? (26:52)
  • Studying the Book of Jeremiah. Husband questions why I study the Old Covenant that was done away by Christ. Why do we still study Old Testament? (39:36)
  • With what mindset should I read the Old Testament? To grasp some truth? (46:14)
  • Jesus’ interpretation of Old Testament laws in the Sermon on the Mount. Is not this making it more difficult? (48:30)
  • Matthew 11 on Jesus’ yoke being easy and light (50:06)