April 15, 2011

Hank shares on truth being an aspect of the nature of God. Truth is not pragmatism, subjectivism, relativism, but anything that corresponds to reality (0:52).

Questions / Comments

  • Can we take Joshua 1:5 personally in the sense that God will never leave or forsake us too? (5:46)
  • Is it possible that Jesus was raised prior to the three days but revealed Himself after the third day? (8:35)
  • What are the motives of Harold Camping for making end time predictions? Is he trying to usher in God’s kingdom?  (11:33)
  • Can one be married under God’s eyes without a state marriage license? (24:12)
  • Explain Jesus statement in Matthew 28 of being with us until the end of the world, the meaning of glorification, and the number of children Mary and Joseph had?  (28:11)
  • Can you give me background on the Church of Christ? What about their view of baptism? (39:17)
  • Ok to baptize an unmarried couple? (41:07)
  • How to reconcile predestination and freewill? (44:15)
  • Does our salvation depend on whether we forgive others? (48:26)