April 20, 2011

Hank shares on 1 Corinthians 15:17-19. If the resurrection of Jesus never happened, than Christians are to be most pitied. Without the resurrection there would be no Christian faith(0:33)

Questions and Comments

  • Should Christians celebrate Passover instead of Easter? (4:25)
  • Was Earth created in seven literal days? (6:37)
  • Jesus in grace three days and three nights from Friday to Sunday? (10:29)
  • What is the problem with the Trinity Broadcast Network? Are they here to show us truth? Are they for show and collecting money? (14:13)
  • How do we get the modern images of Jesus who appears very Anglo with blonde hair and blue eyes? Is it bigotry? (21:06)
  • Was the Flood in Noah’s day the very first time it rained on Earth? (25:07)
  • When did the Sabbath change from Saturday to Sunday? (27:09)
  • Is it correct to say that as the result of becoming Christian we became Jewish, so we ought to celebrate Jewish holidays? (38:53)
  • The sacrificial lamb and the blood of Jesus. Not a bone broken. Does this not contradict the Lord’s Supper when we recite Jesus’ words, “This is my body which was broken…? (48:56)