April 22, 2011

Hank shares on the significance of Holy Week and the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on the third day, the ramifications of the resurrection, and answers the question on whether we will be resurrected at the same age we die (0:35)

Questions / Comments

  • Does a person go to hell for committing suicide? (6:40)
  • God created Adam and then created Eve to be a partner for Adam, but how to respond to those who say that this means the wife must be subservient to her husband (13:19)
  • What about Prophet T.B. Joshua? (21:05)
  • What about Jimmy Swaggart? (27:26)
  • How do dinosaurs coincide with the Bible? What about the Behemoths? (29:42)
  • What about Jentezen Franklin and Mike Evans? (40:36)
  • Is there a significance to the use of the word “was” in John 1:1? (43:10)
  • Will God hold people to vows and oaths for pledges made to false teachers like Robert Tilton? (47:26)
  • I was tithing to a prosperity gospel preacher like T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen, the preacher just got new suits and a nice car, I left that church, but is there another way to tithe? (48:53)