May 3, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • Address the apparent contradiction between Moses speaking to God face to face in Exodus 33:11 but nobody being able to see God (1:40)
  • Is there not a face-to-face encounter with Jacob wrestling with God? (4:48)
  • What about the angel stirring up the water in John 5:3-4? Why omitted in some Bible versions?  (6:42)
  • Do animals have souls? Did we evolve from apes with the only difference being a soul? (22:00)
  • Is Codex Sinaiticus the oldest Bible and totally different than the Bible we have today?  (30:31)
  • Address the Judgment Day prediction of May 21, 2011 made by Harold Camping (38:48)
  • Address the Calvinist view of the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction in Romans 9? (45:44)