May 5, 2011

Hank shares on the way we often snorkel in the shallow depths of prayer and only get sunburnt backs, but rarely we go deep into the depths of prayer (0:34)

Questions / Comments

  • What about the book, “Heaven Is for Real?” by Todd Burpo (7:22)
  • What about the Calvinist interpretation of predestination? (11:34)
  • Do Jewish people believe in the Trinity? (20:41)
  • How many sins can a Christian commit before he/she is left behind when the Rapture takes place? (28:59)
  • What is the iron furnace in 1 Kings 8:51 (31:40)
  • My friend wants to join the Eastern Orthodox Church. Thoughts? (45:00)
  • Will there be Christian people and children in hell? (47:25)