May 9, 2011

Hank shares on Jesus: The Superstar of Biblical Prophecy. Only Jesus Christ could walk through the doors of biblical prophecy (0:38)

Questions / Comments

  • How do you know 100% if you are God’s elect? (7:43)
  • If we are going to be resurrected at a prime age, where does the little child come from in Isaiah 11:6?  (12:02)
  • Clarify statement on being fatalistic determined and God being the author of evil (21:48)
  • What does Hank think about the movie “Zeitgeist”? Is there a book that tells us where we are at with respect to the return of Jesus in biblical prophecy? (26:28)
  • How do Jehovah’s Witnesses differ from Christians? (30:30)
  • Is going out on a three-day journey in Exodus 3:18ff a lie which God tells Moses to deceive Pharaoh? (40:46)
  • I asked the pastor why he does not teach essential Christian doctrine. He answered that he was not led to do so. I left the church. How do Christians address the need for knowing essential Christian doctrine (45:21)