May 12, 2011

Hank shares on Jesus: The Superstar of Biblical Prophecy. Jesus is the only one who could emerge through the doorway of biblical prophecy. He was a Jew from the House of David yet specifically identified in the OT as a light to the Gentiles (0:46)

Questions / Comments

  • Explain being absent from the body and present with the Lord in 2 Corinthians 5:8 (5:53)
  • Matthew 19:9 teaches that remarriage after a divorce that occurred upon illegitimate grounds causes the remarried couple to fall into a perpetual state of adultery (10:44)
  • Are we judge twice, once after death, and again at the time Christ returns? (21:20)
  • Can deceased loved ones look down upon the living in heaven? Mother has been widowed twice, what would her relationship be like with both her husbands? (25:01)
  • If Jewish people disbelieve in Jesus, but Jesus atones for sins of Christians, how does Judaism presently make atonement for their sins? (29:25)
  • Address the May 21, 2011 end time prediction made by Harold Camping. (38:43)
  • Please explain the doctrine of Immaculate Conception (45:55)
  • Address the assertion that the Sahidic Coptic Version of John 1:1 supports the New World Translation (48:45)