May 13, 2011

Hank addresses the Book of Jonah and whether the prophet was swallowed by a whale (0:40)

Questions / Comments:

  • Address the May 21, 2011 end time prediction by Harold Camping (4:28)
  • Will the Twelve Tribes have bearing on the end times? Were the Twelve Tribes annihilated? (12:41)
  • Is water (H2O) a good analogy for the Trinity? (22:29)
  • I have a significant debt, but I am told to not work on Sundays, and this makes debt repayment very difficult. (27:00)
  • A church elder and member live together in a possible homosexual relationship. How to address?  (31:32)
  • Address Ken Ham, young earth creation, dinosaurs cohabitating with humans, and the global flood (38:58)
  • Address John Hagee’s teaching on the camel through eye of the needle (47:35)