May 17, 2011

Hank comments on how end-times date setters, such as Harold Campling, are 100% wrong 100% of the time, but people make life decisions based upon these false predictions, and when the prediction fails, there are significant consequences (0:44).

Questions / Comments

  • Debating with friend on divine healing provided in the atonement. What about having faith in God in Luke 17:6? (6:26)
  • Caller makes an appeal to listeners on becoming faithful support of the Christian Research Institute (10:45)
  • “Heaven Is for Real” by Todd Burpo (21:44)
  • Is there a way for Christian men to dress? Is it ok to have tattoos and long hair? (25:13)
  • Address the JW belief that Jesus is Michael the Archangel (31:27)
  • What is the “book of nature?” (38:42)
  • What about modern-day apostles and prophets? (42:23)
  • I’m visually impaired. How to deal with the verses that talk about having faith in God yet not being healed? (46:46)