October 5, 2009


  • How to respond to people who says, “You lack faith.” Others tell my paraplegic brother that he lacks faith for not being healed (1: 09)
  • Must Communion only be taken on Sundays? (7:27)
  • If a Christian commits suicide, does he still go to heaven? (11:24)
  • Should Christians be direct and severe in confronting false teachers as opposed to using gentleness and respect? (21:19)
  • Ok to dialogue or bash those who identify as Emergent, Seeker Friendly and KJV Only (23:10)
  • How to reach someone who privately holds antisemite and racist sentiments who is impossible to reason with? (26:14)
  • How can Satan tempt us if we are already prone to sin and demons cannot possess us? (30:24)
  • If we have a sinful nature, what is Satan doing in the background to tempt us? (30:36)
  • Trapped in repetitive sin, I am a Christian, but will God turn me over to a reprobate mind? How do I deal with this? (44:53)