May 24, 202

Hank shares on Harold Camping’s revision on the failed May 21, 2011 end of the world prediction, that what happened was a spiritual coming, and that the end is going to be October 21, 2011 (0:53).

Comment on preachers who have addressed homosexuality in a way that is unbefitting to Christians, as in the case of Benny Hinn, who falsely predicted that God would destroy the homosexual community by the 1990s (4:33)

Interview with Joe Dallas on his Christian Research Journal article “The Bully Pulpit: When Gay Teens Commit Suicide, Are Preachers to Blame?”(6:23)

Questions / Comments

  • What practical approaches do you recommend to approaching gay Christians without polarizing them from the Christian faith? (40:02)
  • Do you think the strong rhetoric against Christians from the pro-gay community is a reaction to Benny Hinn’s comment against homosexuals? (42:46)