June 3, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • If Ezekiel’s temple will be built in the millennium, how to make sense of the animal sacrifices that will happen since Christ fulfilled the sacrifice? (4:45)
  • Raised a Roman Catholic, but I am conflicted about what I had been taught about the Immaculate Conception and Roman Catholicism being the only true Church (11:59)
  • Since Bible is infallible, but who decided to put all the individual writings together? (20:54)
  • Is the messiah of Islam the Antichrist of Christianity? (29:00)
  • Attending a dispensational church but I am concerned about how they divide the Bible into different ages as a way of rightly dividing the Word and how they do not observe water baptism for the same reason. This contradicts what I have understood about taking the Scriptures as a whole. Is this the right church to attend? (39:07)
  • Understand Old Covenant and New Covenant distinction. I am having trouble with the Local Church distinction between kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven (46:28)