October 7, 2009


  • What happens to people who do not hear about Jesus? How does creation and conscious get us to know of Jesus Christ? (2:52)
  • Can we really say that the people scattered over Earth still have knowledge about God? (6:49)
  • How were Gentiles able to reconcile with God prior to the time of Jesus Christ? (9:05)
  • Is heaven a holding ground until the eschaton? Will Earth become part of Heaven? (12:17)
  • Will only some Christians be taken up in the Rapture with others being left behind? (21:55)
  • Do you believe in the pretribulation rapture? (27:57)
  • Could Jesus Christ sin? (29:57)
  • What about Jack Van Impe? Thoughts on Van Impe’s belief in Earth being billions of years old and when God created Adam and Eve that God was replenishing the Earth? (41:08)