June 15, 2023

Hank affirms belief in creation as opposed to Darwinian Evolution (0:45)

Questions / Comments

  • Who is “this generation” in Matthew 24? Was this prophecy fulfilled in the first century? (6:23)
  • How do you answer the question “Who made God?” (11:00)
  • Authorship of the Gospel of John? Was the author Lazarus? Was Lazarus the disciple whom Jesus loved? (20:52)
  • Is the unpardonable sin not accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior? (29:34)
  • How to interpret the Book of Jude on Satan and Michael fighting over bones of Moses? (43:49)
  • I was offered several invitations from different churches to serve as the pastor. My passion is to serve the Lord. How do you determine God’s Will? (48:21)