June 30, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • What verses support Jesus’ suffering more than the cumulative sufferings of all humanity? (0:45)
  • Have a friend who rejected Jesus and was influenced by Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman. (7:15)
  • Are tattoos ok? (26:20)
  • Was the Immanuel prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 ever fulfilled? Advice for debating Jesus’ virgin birth. (28:02)
  • What is baptism of the dead observed in Mormonism? (31:17)
  • Friend thinks Jesus was not born of a virgin, says the Bible says Mary was a “young woman” and she had a child with Joseph. Friend also says that Christianity worships a pagan sun god (39:15)
  • How to divert someone from converting to Mormonism? (47:37)