July 6, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • Is Ezekiel 44:25 a reference to the millennial reign of Christ? Does it permit us to pray for those who took the mark of the beast to come to faith? (3:22)
  • Identify of the saints risen in Matthew 27:52-53? Is this parallel to a sheaf offering of the first fruits? (8:28)
  • How is it that Jesus is coequal to the Father? How to address the Jehovah’s Witnesses understanding of Jesus? (22:52)
  • When reading the Bible, how do we know when Jesus was speaking directly to the disciples, and to all Christians in general? (39:00)
  • Address the Chrislam movement? (42:38)
  • Was there a pre-Adamite world to explain the age of earth? What about the gap theory? (46:52)