October 13, 2009

Questions / Comments

  • Cornelius R. Stam and the Berean Bible Society. Do you know any information on their teachings? (3:44)
  • What about spiritual gifts and speaking in tongues? Does speaking in tongues happen today? (9:27)
  • I’m a soldier in the Salvation Army. We do not observe practices of Baptism and Communion. What are your thoughts? (11:57)
  • When depressed and misguided I open Bible to random place and sometimes find inspiration. What is the best way of using the Bible to find inspiration in times of trouble? (22:05)
  • Did Jesus have to take His blood to heaven which is why He asked Mary to not touch Him? (25:35)
  • Easer for a camel going though eye of needle than a rich man. Does this mean Christians must remain in poverty? (39:29)
  • So long as we include God in our finances regardless of how much we earn is fine? (43:59)
  • Should a believer not date an unbeliever? What if two unbelievers are dating and one becomes a believer and what happens then? (46:00)