July 13, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • What about the Roman Catholic distinction between mortal and venial sins? (3:05)
  • Address Unitarian and Jehovah’s Witnesses criticisms against the Trinity such as Jesus being the first born and the Father giving life to the Son in John 5:26 and 6:57 (5:40)
  • Address the on the different views on the submission of the Son to the Father and yet the Son being equal to the Father (21:07)
  • Does Revelation 3:2 teach that the Christian can attain sinless perfection? (24:55)
  • What about Ezekiel and the sins of the father not being imputed to the children? Other Bible verses that say sins of father not passed on the children? (28:36)
  • Respond to assertions that the King James Version is the most accurate translation? (39:21)