July 14, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • Does the Holy Spirit have a gender? (3:27)
  • Women born into Islam, raped, abused, and die will not go to heaven? Will not God give them a chance? What about those who have never heard the gospel? (5:16)
  • We can talk to God but not have conversations with Him? Can humans have direct communication with God? (20:55)
  • What about Joseph Prince and radical grace? (22:52)
  • Supernova for dating the age of an old universe. What about Russell Humphrey on time speeding faster further from Earth, which supports a young universe? (24:29)
  • How to help someone understand the virtue of turning the other cheek? (39:38)
  • How to help a friend caught up into theistic evolution? (43:32)
  • I’m an atheist. I don’t hate people who believe. I have a daughter born with brain damage. But no prayers or anointing oil will heal her malady. (46:45)