July 20, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • How can you say God created humans, that God created evil, and that humans had no choice but to do evil? (3:13)
  • How can you say evil preexisted humans? (5:29)
  • Is Revelation 20 to be taken as literal or symbolism? (9:40)
  • What are your thoughts on the book, Heaven is for Real? (21:06)
  • Address the aorist verb tense Matthew and Luke regarding the unpardonable sin whereas Hebrews is the present tense, which speaks of an on-going act (26:06)
  • Why were the Old Testament kings and men allowed to have multiple wives? (29:37)
  • If Adam didn’t have eternal life while in the Garden, what kind of life did he have? (39:07)
  • Can you clarify Joyce Meyer teachings on Jesus going to hell to finish the work of redemption and the Apostles Creed saying, “Jesus descended into hell”? (47:03)