July 22, 2011

Hank previews his article “Typological Fulfillment: The Key to Messianic Prophecy” and comments on the article “Sex, Lies, and Secularism” by Nancy Pearcy (0:40)

Questions / Comments

  • What’s the Biblical perspective on birth control? (10:49)
  • Who are the Two Witnesses in Revelation? (22:09)
  • Why do animals die because of the Fall if they did no wrong? (26:35)
  • Is the Mark of the Beast 666 a microchip? How does it relate to a one world government? (30:40)
  • In Matthew 11:30, what is the meaning of “yoke” and “burden?” (30:58)
  • Is 1 John 3:6-10 talking in hyperbole with respect to sin? Does John want to say the Christian is supposed to be perfect? (41:34)
  • If we are sinners because of Adam, would we have done the same thing in the Garden of Eden? Could we have done otherwise?  (46:35)
  • Listened to Greg Boyd and Doug Bachelor’s discussion on eternal conscious punishment and annihilation. Is hell for eternity? (50:09)