October 14, 2009

Questions / Comments

  • Why did Jesus call the Father “my God,” I always believed they were co-equal? (1:21)
  • Was Jesus always the eternally begotten Son? (3:12)
  • Did Jesus need to eat, drink, and worship God? (3:38)
  • Friend was murdered. He was a new believer. Someone said new believers are more subject to spiritual warfare and more subject to the devils. Is this true? (4:18)
  • Can a pastor or wife have a second job? (7:36)
  • Lost books of the Bible like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Mary Magdalene book. Were there many other books written about Jesus according to the Gospel of John? (9:41)
  • Did Mary Magdalene have relations with Jesus and they had a child? (13:01)
  • How to respond to someone who takes the Dead Scrolls and the Mary Magdalene book to be true? (13:21)
  • What about The Secret? (22:42)
  • What about The Message by Eugene Peterson? (30:24)
  • Can one be an environmentalist and a Baptist at the same time? (39:49)
  • How to tactfully expose false teachers? (45:10)
  • Is the best way to address to have council with denominational leaders on the infiltration of false teachers? (47:37)