October 19, 2009

Hank shares on the importance of showing how to demonstrate the Bible is divine rather than human in origin (1:22).

Questions / Comments

  • I believe creation occurred 6000 years ago, and dinosaurs were created on the third day. How do I account for the fossils that date millions of years old? (7:01)
  • What is the age of the earth? (13:04)
  • Interview with Michael York, who narrates the Word of Promise Complete Bible (21:44)
  • If God is all knowing, how could He create the universe knowing full well that sin would come about? (39:55)
  • I understand the allowance for freewill, do you mean God created to be loved by us or does God create us to be loved by Him? (42:14)
  • It is difficult for me the harshness of eternal punishment (44:12)
  • What language will we speak in heaven with Jesus? (47:45)

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