August 17, 2011

Hank shares on his passion for writing Has God Spoken: Proof of the Bible’s Divine Inspiration, which was ignited by the foolish criticisms of modern skeptics, like Bart Ehrman, who take pride in misleading others into supposing the Bible is full of errors (0:59)

Questions / Comments

  • I am searching for a new church. What denomination would you recommend? What about the Salvation Army? (5:20)
  • How can I show someone that the tithe is still for today? (10:32)
  • Should born again Christian still refer to themselves as sinners? Should we say we are righteous? (21:00)
  • Were believers in Old Testament times filled with the Holy Spirit? (24:02)
  • What exactly is the significance of Jacob’s name being changed to Israel? (26:59)
  • Who was Melchizedek? (30:35)
  • My friend pastors a Church of Christ and says that Acts 2:38 teaches that baptism is necessary for salvation. Is this something we divide over? Is the Church of Christ a cult? (39:00)
  • What’s your view of the Lordship Salvation debate? Can Christ be your Savior and not your Lord? (43:23)