August 29, 2011

Hank shares on what happened as the result of the resurrection of Jesus Christ (0:44)

Questions / Comments

  • Why is it ok to test God in Malachi 3:10, but not Matthew 4? (5:26)
  • How often did the early church take Communion? (12:12)
  • Jesus cried out, “Father why have you forsaken me!” Did God the Father forsake Jesus on the cross? (21:43)
  • How can I explain the Trinity to a non-believer? (24:27)
  • What’s your view of Francis Collins and theistic evolution? (39:18)
  • Are Gog and Magog in Revelation literal nations? What do they have to do with Armageddon? (44:43)
  • Can you explain Esau being unable to find repentance in Hebrews 12? (46:35)