September 2, 2011

Hank shares on Methuselah gene of the mysterious Monarch Butterfly from Metamorphosis (0:58)

Questions / Comments

  • I’m attending the Apostolic Holiness Church associated with the United Pentecostals and they don’t believe in the Trinity, can you help me? (5:35)
  • Is the rumor about Charles Darwin’s deathbed conversion true? (10:21)
  • What’s your opinion of the book, Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh? (12:38)
  • How can I show from Scripture that Universalism is wrong? (22:56)
  • Why does Communion seem to be unimportant to some churches? (26:07)
  • Is there any historical evidence for the events that take place in Matthew 27:51-53? (30:00)
  • What does the Bible say about a person’s vocation? (42:32)
  • Are there still aspects of the Old Testament Law that are yet to be fulfilled, or did Jesus fulfill the Law and the Prophets? (45:34)