October 21, 2009

Questions / Comments

  • When Jesus was on the mountain being glorified, how did Moses and Elijah have bodies prior to the resurrection? (1:15)
  • Are Christians going to suffer through the Great Tribulation? (3:27)
  • No man knows the time, but will we know the era or season when the Rapture would take place? We are in an age of nuclear weapons, is this not reason to think we are near the end? (6:48)
  • What about the dinosaurs? (11:40)
  • Clarify 1 John 2:24 as it relates to the teaching on “once saved always saved.” (24:33)
  • When Jesus resurrected Lazarus, did Lazarus have to leave the presence of God to return to life on Earth? (28:01)
  • Where did the soul of Lazarus go after the death of the body? (29:11)
  • When it comes to the debate on Darwinian Evolution, should we consider those who committed horrendous evils done in the name of evolution, as in the case of Hitler? (39:55)
  • Pastor calls people up front to lay hands on them and people jump around and lots of things I doubt comes from the Holy Spirit, is this a from Voodoo? (45:09)
  • Who is the “rock” in Matthew 16? (49:31)