September 13, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • Why isn’t the Book of Enoch mentioned by Jude in the Bible? Why is Enoch found in the Old Testament? (2:08)
  • What is the biblical basis for the Trinity? (3:49)
  • If God is omnipresent, how can Hell be eternal separation? (9:43)
  • Can you expound Jesus’ teaching on sin and temptation in Mark 9:33-50? Does disobedience to Jesus put us in Hell? (21:05)
  • How could Satan sin if he was in God’s presence? In the Book of Job, why does God ask Satan, “Where did you come from”? What about Luke 13:16? (28:25)
  • If repentance is so important, why did Paul only mention it once? (40:30)
  • Does Independence, Missouri have historical significance in Mormon Church? Difference between Latter Day Saints and the Reorganized Latter-day Saints (Community of Christ)? (25:21)
  • Can you explain the doctrine of Unconditional Election? (49:29)