September 28, 2011

Hank answers the question “Has God spoken?” God has not spoken through the Qur’an. Neither has He spoken through the Book of Mormon. But the Bible is divine rather than human in origin. (0:30)

Questions / Comments

  • What is a good Bible translation in English? (2:41)
  • What does the Bible say about the physical appearance of Jesus? (5:25)
  • What does it mean when the Bible describes Jesus as having hair like wool? (7:23)
  • What is your view of speaking in tongues? Is it forbidden? (9:38)
  • What happens to unbelievers after death like Hitler? Is Hitler absent from body and present with the Lord? (10:57)
  • Should Christians continue to ask for forgiveness? (14:15)
  • The Bible says we are to bring our tithes to the storehouse. Is the storehouse the local church or any Christian organization that is giving forth the Word? (21:05)
  • Is it acceptable for a born-again Spirit-filled Christian to attend a Catholic church? What about Dave Hunt? (27:05)
  • Is saying “Jeepers” the sin of using the Lord’s name in vain? (40:14)
  • Answering a skeptic who rejects the faith because he does not believe Noah lived to 600 years old? (47:27)