October 26, 2009

Questions / Comments

  • Somebody said he cannot believe in God who will cast a Hindu without any knowledge of God into hell for eternity. How to respond? (1:10)
  • How to forgive people who commit horrendous evils like the 911 terrorists? (4:37)
  • Should I just ignore people who refuse forgiveness? (6:24)
  • How could Judas drive out demons if he was not filled with the Holy Spirit? (7:45)
  • How to respond to those who say demons and the Holy Spirit can interact with us physically? (10:09)
  • Cannot demons like Legion exercises physical force? (13:16)
  • What about preterism? Second Coming and Rapture already occurred in 1st century? (21:52)
  • Is man a body/soul unity or a body/soul/spirit? (25:05)
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses and Church of Science friends deny the Trinity. Is using Romans 1:18-20 and comparing it to the universe being time, space, and matter like man being body/soul/spirit a good analogy for the Trinity? (27:16)
  • How much should Christians be involved with politics? (39:25)
  • Is abortion ok when mother’s life is threatened as in the case of a tubal pregnancy? Does this legitimize all abortion? (42:25)
  • What about Kent Hovid? (46:13)
  • Must Christians observe the Sabbath? What about the Seventh-day Adventist perspective on the observance of the Sabbath? (47:30)