September 30, 2011

Hank addresses the question by Bart Ehrman on the alleged contradiction between Matthew 12:30 and Mark 9:40 (0:48)

Questions / Comments:

  • What happens to those who have never heard the gospel? (4:17)
  • What happens to unborn children with respect to election and reprobation? (10:27)
  • Can you explain the difference between expiation and propitiation? (13:06)
  • Is Revelation 21:7-8 talking about someone losing their salvation? (12:08)
  • Can you explain James 5:19-20? Does this have to do with someone losing salvation? (25:07)
  • If God is omniscient, why did he create Satan and permit the temptation that led humanity’s the fall? (30:27)
  • Can you elaborate on the garments of skin that God made Adam and Eve, and elaborate on the seed of the woman opposed to the serpent? (38:57)
  • Did our souls exist before the universe existed? (41:25)
  • Who are the angels of the seven churches in Revelation 1:19? (45:01)