October 7, 2011

Hank shares on the way Mormon Church has a P.R. department better than anyone else, which tries to make Mormonism sound like Christianity, but such is like trying to say a cat is a dog. Find out more in the Memorable Keys to the M-O-R-M-O-N Mirage (0:33)

Questions / Comments:

  • Was there sin before Adam? Trying to resolve Satan’s fall and the fall of man in the Garden? Were there people who sinned prior to Adam and Eve? (5:28)
  • Can one allow a demon into one’s house that physically lift beds off the ground and open cupboards on account of eve a Christian watching a horror move? What about demonic oppression versus possession? (8:52)
  • I’m Native American. Mormons have presence in Native American reservations throughout the United States. The LDS claim on Native Americans being lost tribe of Israel sounds attractive. Please comment on this. (21:52)
  • What about Roderick C Meredith with Tomorrow’s Word? Romans 2:28-29 speaks of keeping the Sabbath and Holy Days of Old Testament Judaism? (28:33)
  • What about the lost tribes of Israel according to Herbert W. Armstrong and British Israelism? (40:43)
  • I grew up in the Church of Christ and was taught it was the only true church. I came to disagree and have since left in search for a true church. What are your comments? (47:42)