October 12, 2011

Hank critiques the Mormon teaching about God the Father having sex with the virgin Mary to conceive Jesus Christ (1:19)

Questions / Comments

  • The Book of Mormon claims Joseph Smith is the last prophet, but are there not modern-day apostles and prophets? (8:33)
  • Responding to an atheist who charges God of being immoral for commanding Israelites to kill other peoples (12:19)
  • Why was Lazarus found hand and foot in the grave? (21:29)
  • How to help a friend who has trouble believing in the Trinity but believes God takes different forms at different times depending upon the circumstance. (25:13)
  • My pastor supports and listens to Creflo Dollar and TD Jakes. How to respond? (30:10)
  • God can be seen in nature per Psalm 19 and Romans 1, but Jesus says no man comes to the Father except through me, but how to those who never heard come to salvation, are there exemptions for this? (42:59)