November 2, 2009

Hank shares on the importance of having a discernment ministry as the Christian Research Institute. A particular example is on how to address questions in the right order on global warming and the consequences of having your eye on the wrong ball. (1:04)

Comments / Questions

  • Did King David error on being a polygamist as opposed to having one king and one queen (5:20)
  • The disciples casts a lot to find Judas’ replacement but is it fine for me to cast lots to make financial and career decisions? (11:14)
  • Is the KJV a better translation than all the other modern Bible versions? KJV only? (21:37)
  • Is it proper for a divorcee to become a deacon? (30:45)
  • Husband is into Jehovah’s Witnesses. We always argue about faith. Ok to divorce? (39:05)
  • I denied Jesus similar to Matthew 10:33 so am I lost? (47:05)