Hank addresses the Mormon belief that on May 15, 1829 John the Baptist appeared and conferred the Aaronic priesthood upon to Joseph Smith and later on Peter, James and John conferred upon Smith the Melchizedek priesthood (0:39)

Questions / Comments:

  • Did Jesus fulfill the law according to Matthew 5:17? (3:14)
  • Was Peter one of the disciples on the road to Emmaus? (6:23)
  • Would you consider Joseph Smith a wolf in sheep’s clothing? (7:59)
  • Can you explain your view on the degrees of punishment in hell? Does Adolf Hitler suffer worse than others in Hell? (10:13)
  • Is Perry Stone a sound teacher? (21:02)
  • Does the Bible support the possibility of life on other planets? Extraterrestrials? Bible describes a UFO spaceship? (24:44)
  • Can you explain your view of the Rapture? (29:11)
  • How do I respond to someone who denies the existence of hell? Satan not kicked out of heaven? Satan deceived Eve and had sex with her? (38:59)
  • Is it ok for a church to search for a pastor outside of its denomination? (44:39)
  • I am a former Mormon. My family traces back to Joseph Smith and they came to Utah with Brigham Young. You are correct about Mormonism. I heard conversation with Mormon the other day. But I wondered why you never pressed him on the question: “Where did Jesus come from?” (46:56)