October 31, 2011

Hank comments on the Mormon claim to having three additional volumes of scriptures asides the King James Bible but in the extra-biblical revelations despite their authority, the Latter-day Saints leaders had to exchange, repeal, and contradict embarrassing and egregious teachings expressed in them (0:34)

Questions / Comments:

  • Does Daniel’s 70 -weeks prophecy predict Christ’s ministry? (5:08)
  • Why are there so many denominations? (13:03)
  • Why do we end our prays in Jesus’ name? (24:10)
  • What does “unequally yoked” mean? (29:00)
  • I believe in the gospel of Thomas inspired and that it teaches past lives. (39:03).
  • What is your opinion of Arnold Murray w/ Shepherd’s Chapel? What about Murray’s teaching on the serpent seed? (44:04)