November 1, 2011

Questions / Comments:

  • Is the little horn in Daniel 7:24-28 talking about Constantine who changed the Sabbath? (4:44)
  • Is there a second baptism of the Holy Spirit in Acts 8:14-17? (8:57)
  • What is your opinion of Oneness Pentecostalism of Irvin Baxter and the Jesus only Baptism in Acts 2:38? (11:12)
  • What is your opinion of the book, Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo? (21:00)
  • Do you believe that women can be in ministry? (24:53)
  • Is John Hagee a sound teacher? (30:01)
  • Which letter of the seven churches in Revelation is addressed to the Seventh Day Adventists? (38:59)
  • Are homosexuals forgiven under the New Covenant? (42:05)
  • Can you help me witness to a Mormon friend who believes Jesus and Satan are brothers? (48:16)