November 5, 2009

Hank shares on getting into the Book of Romans, which is a great piece of literature, but for the Christian also the infallible repository of redemptive revelation. Romans 1 talks about the Light of creation. Romans 2 talks about the Light of conscience, so the knowledge is emblazoned upon our hearts. If we respond to the Light from without (creation) and the Light from within (conscious), then we are assured by the Apostle Paul in Romans 3 that we will receive the Light of Jesus Christ (0:38)

Questions / Comments

  • In Revelation 21:8 tells of cowardly outside the kingdom of heaven. Who are the cowardly? (7:48)
  • The cowardly are not believers who lost their salvation (10:16)
  • What of a strong believer who under duress renounces Jesus for being threatened with gun to the head by a violent persecutor? Like Peter who denied Christ is that person still saved? (11:33)
  • Interview with Alex McFarland (21:49)
  • What about the teachings of Bob George with People to People? Must Christians confess their sins to God? (28:28)
  • What kind of movies should Christians watch? Fantasy movies ok like Twilight, Harry Potter, etc. (41:53)
  • What about Charles Capps? (46:11)