November 4, 2011

Questions / Comments:

  • Would it be considered coveting to admire another woman’s shoes or hairstyle? (3:51)
  • Hank I am concerned about your support of Rick Warren resources and ministry (5:24)
  • How do Amillennialists and Postmillennialists reconcile a literal interpretation of the 1000-year reign in Revelation 20? (8:02)
  • Do you believe in a literal future Antichrist? (12:29)
  • My daughter died 2 years ago in a car accident. I’m not sure if she was a Christian, I do not remember her ever saying “the sinners prayer,” will she go to heaven? (21:02)
  • How did Moses write Genesis since he lived long after the events it chronicles? How did Moses know so much of that historical information? (23:33)
  • What about the great ages of the men who lived 900 + years in Genesis? (25:55)
  • I am a Master Mason in the Masonic Lodge how does that affect my Christianity? (27:24)
  • Please explain Jesus’ teachings on worshipping in spirit and truth? (30:42)
  • I am discussing with a Mormon their view of God once being a man. Where in Scripture does it talk about God having no beginning? (39:20)
  • What is your opinion of James McDonald? (45:26)
  • I am trying to understand the doctrine of election, which I presume means only those who are elect that are come to believe and receive salvation. What is your view? (48:24)