November 7, 2011

Hank shares on chilling confessions on the use of pornography given in an 2010 Playboy magazine interview of musician John Mayer, which were discussed in the Christian Research Journal article The Effects of Porn on the Male Brain by William M. Struthers (0:44)

Questions / Comments:

  • What is your opinion of Steve McVey and Grace Walk Ministries? (4:10)
  • Does the Old Testament Law apply to Christians? (5:41)
  • Can you explain how the Trinity is operating at Jesus’ baptism? (9:33)
  • Is baptism necessary for salvation? (12:11)
  • Were the Jews who believed in John 8:30-32 true believers? (22:28)
  • If someone commits suicide, will they go to heaven? Is suicide a straight ticket to hell? (27:29)
  • What can we as Christians do to stop internet pornography? (31:37)
  • Why do Christians observe Christmas? How can you say Christmas is Christian? (39:06)
  • After Cain murdered Abel, who were the other people living at the time? Who was Cain’s wife? (48:26)