November 10, 2023

Hank comments on the Jehovah’s Witnesses teaching on the 144,000 (1:11)

Questions / Comments

  • Did the Jews misunderstand the mission of Jesus as Messiah? Did they misconceive the Messiah as political leader whereas Jesus was the Messiah in a spiritual sense? (4:26)
  • Should the U.S. support Israel? Whom should we support for our political candidates? (6:14)
  • Read Has God Spoken. Can you clarify what you mean by the voice of Jesus vs. the exact words of Jesus? (9:50)
  • Dr. Tony Evans does not ordain women into the pastorate because of the principle of headship. Is it ok to ordain female pastors? (22:51)
  • How can I reach my mother-in-law who is involved with teachings from the New Apostolic movement and the Word of Faith Movement? (25:18)
  • Who are the woman and the man-child in Revelation 12:5-6? (30:04)
  • Is Jesus going to literally return to set up a Millennial Kingdom? If not, do you think Jesus will ever physically return? (42:44)
  • Will there be sex in heaven? (48:40)