November 10, 2023

Hank debunks the Darwinian stories about Hippos evolving into whales and scales evolving into feathers. (0:39)

Questions / Comments

  • I tell my relatives who are into preaching about getting ready for the end times that if you are saved what else can Christian’s do to get ready for the return of Christ? (4:17)
  • In Matthew 24:40-41, are the ones taken up going to hell and the ones left going to heaven? Is this the Rapture? (7:43)
  • My friend is into Reformed Theology and insist upon infant baptism. Is it biblical to baptize infants? (12:35)
  • Will we know our loved ones in heaven? (20:52)
  • What is your opinion of Watchman Nee? Any “red flags”? (24:33)
  • I am a Jehovah’s Witness, and I was wondering what is wrong with the Jehovah’s Witnesses? (28:45)
  • What is the difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming?(38:47)
  • I’m 11 years old. Is it ok for me and my friends to go trick-or-treating? Is Halloween the Devil’s Day? (43:17)
  • Someone advised an agonistic to pray to God. Does God hear the prayers of unbelievers? (47:48)