November 15, 2011

Hank critiques the Jehovah’s Witness claim that the true church died sometime after the apostles but was resurrected until found Charles Taze Russell began organizing the Watchtower Societies in the 1870s (0:36)

Questions / Comments

  • There are times when I disagree with what you say, case being the signs of the times in Matthew 24 being the future end of the world. (4:53)
  • Are mega churches today following a biblical model for church gathering? The pastor of a smaller church I once attended was more accessible than the megachurch I presently attend. What is the role of the pastor? (11:33)
  • Are tongues still active today? (21:04)
  • The gifts and callings of God in Romans 11:29. Is Paul taking about Jerusalem and the Jews or is this about allowing everyone to do whatever they want to do? (24:47)
  • Can you explain why God sought to kill Moses in Exodus 4? (26:13)
  • How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible? (28:44)
  • What about pastors and teachers to give analysis of Hebrew and Greek words and phrases from the Bible in their sermons and teachings? Is this accurate, and correct? (41:19)
  • Is the book “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn a good book? (43:08)
  • Do you know anything about the redemptive gifts or motivation gift teachings by Arthur Burke? (48:14)