November 6, 2009

Hank comments on the biggest problem with Christians is that we have become biblically illiterate. We have Bibles in every color, shape, and size, but most of us are allowing our Bibles to gather dust. Get into the Word of God and get the Word of God into you (0:33)


  • Trinitarian Baptism a corruption of the true Jesus Only Baptism with the changes being done by Martin Luther? (2:45)
  • The United Pentecostal Church also practice the laying on of hands-on people to speak in tongues? Correct? (5:44)
  • What about women dressing like men, so no wearing of pants? (7:37)
  • How to get my brother help understand problems with United Pentecostal Church? (8:30)
  • What about the Christian Reformed Church? (8:58)
  • What about the practice of blessing a new home? (9:57)
  • How to address a Philadelphia Church of God family member who shuns family members outside the cult? (11:32)
  • What about Andrew Wommack? (22:00)
  • Concerned that end of the world story in the 2012 movie may cause people to panic. How to talk to people with fears about the end? (26:08)
  • What about God’s choice in Romans 9 wherein He hardens hearts and shows mercy upon whom He wills? (40:36)
  • Received Christ at 7 years old, experience something physical, did the Holy Spirit seal me at 7 years old? (46:36)