November 21, 2011

Hank shares on Jehovah’s Witnesses who refused blood transfusions and died as the result (0:40)

Questions / Comments

  • My wife just passed away of cancer. When my time comes, will she remember me in heaven? (6:43)
  • Doctors gave me seven months to live. I have no way of paying my funeral expenses and do not want to place the burden upon my children. Pray for me (9:10)
  • Is cremation ok for a Christian? (11:59)
  • Is Irvin Baxter, who preaches about the end times, a sound teacher? (12:02)
  • What happens after death? Will I be with the Lord or go straight to hell? (25:28)
  • When does the final judgment take place? (28:25)
  • Can Buddhism and Christianity be united? (39:57)
  • Since Hell is eternal punishment, does not this mean that the condemned possess eternal life, since they continue existing? (45:14)
  • What is the biblical view of dinosaurs? Where do they fit into the timeline of Scripture? (50:08)