November 25, 2011

Hank shares on the seven points of identification that point to Jesus Christ as the only one who can enter through the doorway of Old Testament prophecy (0:41)

Questions / Comments

  • Can you lose your faith or “give it back?” (3:32)
  • My friend is a professing Muslim, but he doesn’t believe in the radical Islamic theology. He agrees with lots of what I say about Christianity even Jesus being the Son of God, yet he still identifies as Muslim. How share with my Muslim friend about the true Jesus who is the Son of God? (8:45)
  • Where should Christians stand with respect to Israel? Should we pray for Israel and give offering to support them? (20:52)
  • What is your opinion of using marijuana for medical purposes? (38:43)
  • What does it mean to pray in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit? (45:10)
  • Doesn’t the Bible say we will know when the end is near? (48:09)