November 29, 2011

Hank comments on the evolutionary ideas that hippos evolved into whales and scales evolved into feathers. (0:33)

Questions / Comments:

  • Malachi 3:8 considers not tithing robbing God, but 2 Corinthians talks about freewill giving. After Christ came was tithing done away with? (2:58)
  • Shane Claiborne and Detrich Bonhoeffer point to a non-violent Christianity. Know others who have gone into law-enforcement. What does the Bible say about non-violent or passive Christianity? (8:26)
  • Is baptism necessary for salvation? (11:51)
  • Will we know our loved ones in heaven? (12:57)
  • Do you believe that Christians can’t lose their salvation? (21:16)
  • Does Joyce Meyer preach the prosperity gospel? (26:07)
  • Why do you think the Bible uses hyperbole when God commanded Israel to destroy the Canaanites? (28:13)
  • Where does the Bible say that after Jesus died, the tombs were opened, and people rose from the dead? (42:22)
  • When we get to heaven, will we see our loved ones at the age they died or a different age? (43:30)
  • Pastor went to Art Mathias Ministries for counseling. Is it safe to remain in a church that teaches sin and demons are the cause of diseases? (45:08)
  • What are your thoughts on N. T. Wright’s view of justification? (48:17