November 29, 2011

Questions / Comments:

  • How can I minister to my thirty-year-old son who engages in premarital sex? (2:44)
  • If the pretribulation does not heaven, then all Christians go through the tribulation. So, when Jesus returns, will all believers die? Will angels then kill all unbelievers? (10:27)
  • I am remarried, but I was reading a website that said anyone who remarries no matter what the situation, is basically going to hell unless they leave that marriage and live celibate. (21:11)
  • Having multiple wives Was never permitted in the Bible. But why were some adulterers stoned whereas others were spared?  (25:21)
  • What is the biblical definition of an idol? (28:42)
  • Each year that goes by, I feel further and further apart from God. I am now at a point where I no longer believe in God anymore (31:20)
  • What temple is John told to measure in Revelation 11? (44:41)
  • What is the difference between Jews in the Old Testament verses the New Testament? (48:37)